what is buckskin

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Buckskin can refer to different things:

  1. Buckskin Horses : Buckskin horses are a specific color breed known for their light yellowish-dun color with a black mane and tail. They are thought to have originated from the Spanish Sorraia and are known for their stamina, determination, and hardiness
  1. Buckskin (leather) : Buckskin is the soft, pliable, and porous preserved hide of an animal, usually deer, tanned in the same way as deerskin clothing worn by Native Americans. It is a type of leather that is traditionally made by tanning the hide with natural oils, physical manipulation, and wood smoke, resulting in a suede-finished leather
  1. Buckskin (general) : In a general sense, buckskin can simply refer to the skin of a buck or a soft, pliable, usually suede-finished leather

So, "buckskin" can refer to a color breed of horses, a type of leather, or simply the skin of a buck or a soft, pliable leather.